sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

Shooting a live theatre performance

Once again I had a chance of photographing at the theatre. I've been using my camera quite a lot. I hope it doesn't die before the end of the year. I've had it for two months but and I have reached 40,000 clicks so far. I always carry my camera wherever I go so maybe it helps explain why I've taken so many shots with this camera.

Shooting indoors isn't an easy thing when you don't own a really good/professional camera at all. Surely, it depends on the lights and lenses you have.

This play is called "José Lins e o Pássaro Poeta".



quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Great experience

Yesterday I had the chance to photograph a local theatrical group. Surely, this may seem like it's nothing new ,but this time, however, I am the official photographer. Lights were not perfect, far from that, but that's when a 50mm f1.8 gets very handy! Here are some shots taken yesterday.





quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2015

Little birds

I have enormous respect for birds photographers. Taking pictures of birds in the fild is incredibly difficult. I have built some birds houses and feeders in my garden. I hope I can take nice pictures. I was lucky when I got this little beauty on my way home on while I was traveling back home.


terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2015

A city called Tavares Part 1

I am writing from a city called Afogados. This is my first time here and I can't say much about this particular city as I have been here for only a little more than six hours. Because we arrived here late we haven't had the chance to explore the city but it doesn't look so ingesting to be honest. What keeps my expectations high is the surroundings here. It is so beautiful.

We originally left home to a city called Tavares and boy this is so far away from my house that it is unbelievable. It took us SEVEN hours to get there. Although the journey was very tiring and long I loved it. We left at 11:30pm. We were trying to joke and sing all the way long. The first thing I notice was the weather. After some good four hours we decided to stop for some food in a city near by. As soon as I left the car I realised it was freezing! Wearing only shorts and a tshirt I knew I was in trouble. We ordered some cakes and coffee and within fifteen minutes we were back on the road.

The sun was about to come out when we stopped to take this shot.

We were almost there

The plainness of people - Day 1

It is shocking how much different people are from my city. They are much much more polite and they're always willing to help. I am yet to visit a place in Tavares where people are not smiling at you and asking whe you're from. I think they should give courses on how to treat costumes well.

So on my very first day there My friend who was born in this city called to join him on this very nice adventure. We got our cameras and got under way.

I loved this place. There are plenty of rocky formations and it is painfully hot. Because it is very dry you don't sweat so much but it gives you the wrong idea you can handle to sun. Trust me, you can't!