sábado, 23 de maio de 2015


Painting and redecorating the house is suco a hard thing to do. It consumes most of one's time and leave little time for anything else.

I feel I won't be able to go anywhere for some relaxing shots. Meanwhile, here are two pictures I took today in the afternoon.





sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Saturday Morning

Finally some free time. If there's something that has been really bothering me right now I can safely say it's the lack of time to do the thing I really want. There's so much I'd like to do but time is really lacking. However, every now and then I have some time for my reading and of course my lovely coffee. They are indispensable for me.


Today's picture

One more term is coming to an end. I have now less than a month to finish it off.



segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2015

Dance Festival

Yesterday was a very atypical day. I normally stay in all day on Sundays, as I have loads of texts and things to prepare that will make my working week a lot easier. Because my wife had told me about this dance festival I, somehow, managed to finish all I had to do by Sunday morning. It was worth it! I am not involved in the art business but my wife is. She dances for a local company I had never heard of before I met her. Well, I have to confess I was pretty ignorant in the art department before we met, so not having heard of dancing and theatre groups from where I live was not exactly surprising.

"I loved everything I saw"

The very first time I saw her on Stage dancing so beautifully and so elegantly I was truly amazed. I loved everything I saw, the rehearsals, the lights, the smell, the professionalism involved, the arguments on every single detail and of course the sound. The combination of music being played and the subtle magical movements that followed the rhythm and the beat was superb. I had no idea how much they had been practicing, how much they had studied and the countless rehearsal hours involved.

Having said that, I was very excited to see this dance festival. When I arrived at the Cultural Space, (it is a place built for cultural events of all sorts, from martial arts to music and theatre festivals. The place is enormous, truly big, with cinemas, and all sorts of enviroments), I was informed that there would be dozens of dancing groups from different parts of the city.

I had never been to this teathre before. The first thing I noticed about it was how big it is. It is big and very nice.

I sat on the first raw so I could take better pictures. I took a while as some groups were still rehearsing the last details, the sound guys were testing the mics and some instruments.

Last minutes before it all starts
The audience was getting the seats. It was now minutes away. I had already been waiting for over two hours. Now it was show time.

The first group performed some typical dance. Very nice to hear the audience cheering and even dance together. Besides me, were two professional photographers with their big lenses.

Japanese Music and Dance

Diversity is definitely everything. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to see all different styles from different schools.